Beneath the Surface: Perth's Layered Heritage

Perth, WA, Australia
Est. 705m / 14 mins / Map

Welcome. This audio tour will help to guide you towards thinking a little deeper about the heritage of Perth. The tour will take you to visit some of the early administrative and holy buildings that were built to govern and guide the settlers of Perth. Along the way, we will consider the heritage that we can see and touch as well as the heritage that is intangible or hidden.

Beneath the Surface: Perth's Layered Heritage - Cya On The Road

In digging a little deeper into the heritage of Perth, we will uncover some challenging and confronting stories. Feel free to hit the pause button and to take some time to reflect and enjoy your surroundings. You will find places to rest in Stirling Gardens and Cathedral Square, as well as food and beverage retailers and other amenities at the Old State Buildings.

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