"See you on the road ... in Wyndham"

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Est. 68.3km / 1 hr 44 mins

"See you on the road, skag" - Steve Bisley as Goose Mad Max 1979

"See you on the road ... in Wyndham" - Cya On The Road

The route of this driving tour is based on the local sites featured in the 1979 film Mad Max. While the sites themselves may not be considered “heritage” the images of the Wyndham landscape featured in the film have become part of the Australian psyche and are recognised worldwide. Mad Max himself has become a pop culture icon.

Before we start the tour let me tell you about the municipality of Wyndham. It is situated 30kms west of the heart of Melbourne and is 542 square kms in size.   Wyndham City Council is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Australia with its population expanding from 70,000 in 1979 when Mad Max was filmed to over 257,028 in 2018. 62,500 people have moved here in the last 5 years. One of the consequences of this rapid growth has been the need to identify and manage the cultural and heritage assets within the Municipality so that they are not lost in this time of rapid urban expansion. While undertaking this tour you will notice the extreme changes in the landscape since 1979.

To start the tour you will be travelling west along the Westgate fFeeway from Melbourne You will take the Grieve Parade exit and turn left into Grieve parade, then right in Doherty’s Road and as you travel a little further along you will turn left into Cherry Lane the first attraction of the tour.

Narrated by Elizabeth (Libby) Bernard this tour forms part of an assignment for the subject Museum, Heritage and Society at Deakin University and while the narration is 10 minutes the tour will take drivers considerably longer depending on which sites participants choose to explore.

I would like to pay respect and acknowledge the Kulin Nation as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which Wyndham City Council sits.

 Wyndham City Council Demographics and Population Overview

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