Downtown Clinton Walking Tour

Central Huron, ON, Canada
Distance: 935 metres (Map)

Welcome to Clinton's historic downtown! On this walking tour, you will learn about our town's history, see buildings past and present, and hear interesting stories from throughout the centuries. We have included as many photos as we had access to and we thank everyone who shared with us during the research process. Many thanks to the previous work of local historians David Yates and Pam Stanley, who this tour wouldn't be possible without!

Downtown Clinton Walking Tour - Cya On The Road

There are 15 points of interest on the tour. You can view or visit them in any order, but the recommended order allows for easy walking and provides some pieces of history that build off of previous stops. Visiting every stop, the tour should take approximately an hour.

If you have photos, stories, comments or corrections, please email You can also submit stories to this form.

The first location is the current Bank of Montreal (4 Victoria St) located on the southeast corner of Highway 8 and Highway 4. Happy walking!

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