A Beginner's Tour of Sustainable & Vegan Vancouver

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Est. 24.5km / 9 hrs / Map

Welcome to the beginner's tour to sustainable & vegan Vancouver!

A Beginner's Tour of Sustainable & Vegan Vancouver - Cya On The Road

The main goal today is to take you on an adventure to experience a vegan and sustainable Vancouver whilst exploring new ways of being with a little bit of shock, fun and excitement.

There are quite a number of stops and scenic spots to be covered in the tour today, so get prepared for a lot of adventurous and fulfilling experiences. The route is set out as a walking tour, but where possible, we have indicated the option to cover certain distances by bus. You will be made aware of these options in the audio, after which you can look up the exact instructions in the written text. One of the stops at the end of the tour includes a biking tour of roughly 1 hour.  We have included some optional stops in this tour, which you can find below.Optional stopsThe tour can be expanded with a couple of optional stops at:• The Bloedel conservatory• Harbour Air Seaplanes (book in advance)• Nourish Cooking School (book in advance)

SafetyPlease pay attention to your own and others safety while taking this audio tour. If you need to find a  spot to stand while listening to the audio, you can press the pause button and take your time to find a place to stand safely and comfortably. We recommend to stand on the side of sidewalks and be aware of entrances and exits. If you need to cross a road, always wait for the green light. 

Public transportPlease note that bus fares need to be paid for with either a credit card or 3 Canadian dollars in cash. For some stops, you can find public transport recommendations. You can find these at the bottom of the text. You can also use this website. 

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