Auckland Uptown: From Swamp to City - A Walking Tour of History and Culture

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Est. 1.8km / 1 hr 18 mins / Map

If you're looking for a fun and informative way to discover the history and culture of Auckland's Uptown, this walking tour guide is for you. You'll learn how this part of the city was transformed from a swampy area to a vibrant entertainment, commercial and transport hub.

Auckland Uptown: From Swamp to City - A Walking Tour of History and Culture - Cya On The Road

Start your walk at the corner of Queen and Victoria Streets, where the first jail was built in 1841. You'll see the old market building, now home to the Aotea Centre, a modern arts and events venue. You'll admire the elegant brick facades of the former shops and warehouses that lined Queen and Wellesley Streets. You'll also visit the historic Civic Hotel and London Bar, which has been serving guests since 1885.

You'll then experience the glamour and excitement of Uptown's theatre scene, which dates back to the late 1800s. You'll see the site of the Fullers Opera House, which hosted opera, vaudeville and musical shows. You'll also see the stunning Civic Theatre, which opened in 1929 as a picture palace and is now a heritage building.

You'll also learn how Uptown was a major transport hub in the early 1900s, when electric trams replaced horse-drawn carriages and connected different parts of the city. You'll see the old tram tracks and stops along Karangahape Rd and Ponsonby.

Finally, you'll explore the civic institutions that have shaped Uptown's identity, such as the Art Gallery, Library and Town Hall. You'll see how these buildings reflect the architectural and cultural trends of their time and how they continue to serve the community today.

This walking tour will show you the charm and diversity of Auckland's Uptown, a district with a rich and fascinating history. Join us on this tour and see for yourself why Uptown is one of the best places to visit in Auckland.

This tour is based on and includes information provided by Auckland Council.

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