Mariovo - Rural Retreat

Novaci, North Macedonia
Distance: 61 km
by OFF ROAD Macedonia

Mariovo - Rural Retreat - Cya On The Road

Welcome to "Explore Mariovo" one-day driving tour. Mariovo region administratively belongs to 3 municipalities : Novaci, Prilep and Kavadarci in the Republic of Macedonia. During our tour, we will visit several locations in the Municipality of Novaci.Mariovo is a rural area, which attracts with its mysticism, history, tradition, cultural and natural heritage.This tour is recommended to be taken by car, motorcycle, van or mini-bus. The route goes along an asphalt road with a total length of 98 km. The road in some places is narrow, unmarked and with sharp curves, so cautious driving is recommended. Some locations which are part of this tour can only be reached on foot, which requires appropriate clothes and boots.It is important to have in mind that Mariovo is a rural area where besides several smaller shops and ethno houses, there are no other commercial facilities such as pharmacies, petrol stations, supermarkets etc. Some locations can be without a phone signal.We wish you a nice and fulfilling day, and we hope that we will enrich and improve your experience in this Mariovo region.Important Phone Numbers:- POLICE 192- FIRE DEPARTMENT 193- AMBULANCE 194- ROAD EMERGENCY HELP 196- INFORMATIONS 188- Municipality of Novaci +389 47 203 060- Police Station in Novaci +389 47 282 122

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