Sights of Bangui

Bangui, Central African Republic
Est. 11.6km / 3 hrs 37 mins

Bangui is the capital and largest city of the Central African Republic. The city is located on the Ubangi River, which separates the Central African Republic from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. From our guide you will learn about the sights of this city.

Sights of Bangui - Cya On The Road

Fun fact: Bangui is known as the location of the Bangui magnetic anomaly, one of the most powerful in Africa. It was discovered only in 1962. The exact origin of the Bangui magnetic anomaly is unknown. Presumably, it was formed either due to, perhaps, an intrusion (a crystalline geological body) under it, or due to the impact of a meteorite, which supposedly fell here millions of years ago.


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