Let's go to the woods!

Savonlinna, IS, Finland
Est. 7.4km / 30 mins / Map

Let's go to the woods! - Cya On The Road

The Finnish Forest Museum Lusto strengthens the human relationship with the forest. Each of us has our own relationship with the forest. The best way to explore, learn and understand our own and others' relationship with the forest is not only to visit the exhibitions at Lusto, but also to actually go to a real forest. This information point tells you about the trails and nature sites maintained by Metsähallitus (the Forest Administration) both in Punkaharju and further in the Saimaa region. The forests of the Punkaharju Research Park are managed under the guidance of the Natural Resources Institute Finland and research demonstration sites have been set up in the area; you can also visit the forest bio-economy showcase sites in Luke's virtual park (www.metsabiotalous.fi). QR codes will guide you to sources of additional information or, for example, to an audio-guided nature tour.

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