Cobar: A Copper Town with a Golden History

Cobar, NSW, Australia
Est. 3.6km / 1 hr 55 mins / Map

Welcome to Cobar, a town with a rich and colourful history dating back to the 19th century when it was founded as a mining town. Cobar's name comes from the Ngiyampaa word for copper, which is either Kuparr, Gubarr or Cuburra, meaning 'red earth' or 'burnt earth'. The Ngiyampaa people were the first inhabitants of the land and used the ochre and minerals from the area in their ceremonies.

Cobar: A Copper Town with a Golden History - Cya On The Road

Cobar's mining history began in 1870 when two Aboriginal men, Frank and Boney, showed three tankers a waterhole where they had found copper ore. This led to the opening of the Great Cobar Copper Mine, which at its peak was the largest copper mine in Australia. Cobar also produced silver and gold and attracted thousands of people from different backgrounds and cultures to the region. Cobar's mining industry experienced many ups and downs over the years, including wars, fires, strikes and price fluctuations.

To learn more about Cobar's amazing history and culture, join me on this informative audio tour that takes you to some of the town's most significant and iconic buildings and sites. This two-hour self-guided heritage walk will show you how Cobar has grown and changed thanks to its mining heritage and diverse community. You'll see the former office of the Great Cobar Copper Mine, the impressive Great Western Hotel and many other landmarks that showcase Cobar's personality and beauty.

The tour starts whenever you want - morning, midday, evening, any time!

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