Seven Narrations of Water and Life

Iran, Iran
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Seven Narrations of Water and Life - Cya On The Road

This route will take us back in history, to a time when Yazd was represented by its Kariz Civilization. The route will be crossed both above and under the ground so that we learn about the ways in which our ancestors founded such a civilization along this route and in the desert.The route starts from Amirchakhmagh square from its water reservoir. The next point is the water museum where a Sradab can be visited.  Then the Darvazeh Mehriz Water Reservoir will be visited. From that point the Payab of Jame’ mosque, and the Shah Kamalieh Hammam can be visited. Then visitors can move to the Rakhtshooy Khane and finally the Vazir watermill.It should be noted that Kariz Civilization is formed around water, but not around surface water and instead around underground water; water that was methodically directed from the foot of a mountain in long distances to reach farmlands and the city (Semsar Yazdi & Labbaf Khaneiki ,2017). This created a social responsibility for all the citizens to consider using the water free of charge in a way that would not affect farming negatively. Also, farming processes were in total harmony with the nature. There were farming products equivalent to the amount of water that could be used in the lands. On the other hand, other Qanats may have passed through farmlands to reach another city, no instances of misuse of the passing water was seen. There were no conflicts over water; this is yet another manifestation of Kariz Civilization.

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