Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts

Cuauhtémoc, CDMX, Mexico
Est. --- / 22 mins / Map

Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts - Cya On The Road

The Palace of Fine Arts is one of the foremost cultural centers in both Mexico and the world. It is home to the National Theater—known as the Main Performance Hall—the Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts, and the National Museum of Architecture. It also hosts the National Symphony Orchestra, the National Dance Company, the National Opera Company, and the Folkloric Ballet of Mexico.  Since its opening in 1934, the Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts (or MPBA in its Spanish acronym) has presented exhibitions curated in Mexico and abroad, many of them milestones in the art and cultural history of the country. Thanks to its collection of murals by preeminent artists of the Mexican muralism movement, it is one of this art form’s principal landmarks. Furthermore, it promotes activities aimed at different sectors of the public, while it advances the study and dissemination of the arts through innovative and affordable publications.  The Visit to the Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts will explore the building’s history and architecture and will highlight its mural collection. We hope this tool will promote a better appreciation of artworks in the MPBA and provide a key to enjoying Mexico’s cultural patrimony. 

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