The Death of Thunderbolt

Uralla, NSW, Australia
Est. 13.6km / 3 hrs 57 mins

The Death of Thunderbolt - Cya On The Road

Frederick 'Captain Thunderbolt' Ward (1835 - 25 May 1870) was a notorious Australian bushranger whose final robbery took place seven kilometres south of Uralla, located on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. The purpose of this audio tour is to introduce the listener to the extensive collection of Thunderbolt artefacts in the Uralla museum and to develop an understanding of the significance of the sites related to Thunderbolts final hours. Further, this tour will discuss the theme of local heritage identity and its related issues.(Presented by Constance Noon, Deakin Student ID: 218307127. Bibliography available on submitted assessment document). 

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