Hobson's Bay: A Place for Everyone?

Brooklyn, VIC, Australia; Melbourne, VIC, Australia; Williamstown, VIC, Australia; Williamstown North, VIC, Australia; Altona, VIC, Australia
Est. 12.2km / 3 hrs 41 mins

Hobson's Bay: A Place for Everyone? - Cya On The Road

Welcome to this special Hobson’s Bay driving and walking tour.  You’ve joined this tour because you’re interested in some noteworthy stories from Hobson’s Bay’s past- but most Importantly, you want to experience them with your own eyes and ears.  Heritage is all around us and on this tour I will ask, “Where does Hobson’s Bay heritage show inclusion and exclusion of its people?”  On this tour, you will hear stories and see places from the past, which highlight people’s links to the communities of Altona, Newport and Williamstown, links that may at first have been tenuous.  At the coast and beyond are stories of protest, sickness and struggle.  But you will also encounter stories of ordinary life by the bay that highlight the emergence of leisure pursuits that continue to this day, where more and more people are finding their place in this communityImage:  (Victorianplaces.com.au, 2018)

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