Rippon Lea Estate

Elsternwick, VIC, Australia; Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Est. 477m / 10 mins / Map

Rippon Lea Estate - Cya On The Road

Rippon Lea is one of the few remaining estates or mansions which was built in 19th century and highlights the way of living of wealthy families. It was built by Frederick Thomas Sargood who was a wealthy businessman, politician and philanthropist in Victoria's Gold rush. He lived there with his family till his death in 1903. After Sargood's death, Rippon Lea was purchased by Thomas Bent who was attracted from the investment potential. Bent used Rippon Lea to host entertaining and charitable events but he never lived there. Benjamin Nathan bought Rippon Lea in 1910 and moved there with his wife and his two daughters. His older daughter Louisa Nathan inherited her father's fortune after his death which included the Rippon Lea estate and the Maple's company. In 1954 ABC channel purchased two acres of Mrs Nathan's paddock and after two years they demanded the compulsory acquisition of another four acres. Louisa took the case to the High Court where she lost the battle. She managed to reach an agreement with the government to pass Rippon Lea to the National Trust, after her death, on the condition that the compulsorily acquired land would be returned. With that decision she honored her father's vision to maintain the heritage of Rippon Lea to the public. Finally, Rippon Lea became a part of a National Trust Australia in 1972 and it was inscribed in the National Heritage List in the 11th of August 2006.Let's take a walk around to one of the most beautiful private gardens in Australia and take a closer look to the architectural jewel that now, after many procedures, it belongs to the public as a part of our National Heritage. Photo by: Jessie Wang, October 5, 2012,

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