Boating on Albert Park Lake

Albert Park, VIC, Australia; Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Est. 382m / 18 mins / Map

Boating on Albert Park Lake - Cya On The Road

 The Albert Park is a sport and recreation hub in Melbourne’s inner-city suburbs, which has been used as public space since it was created in 1864[1].  While the park is well-known today as the venue for the Australian Grand Prix, the lake that it contains has a rich history of local community action as well as a place for social inclusion.  This podcast explores Melbourne’s Albert Park Lake through its buildings and events. It concerns the area’s built and intangible heritage which have been lost due to development but live on in the histories of the community clubs which remain on the lake’s edge today.  This coloured postcard depicts the crowds and the colour of a regatta on Albert Park Lake in 1900[2].[1]J. Barnard and J. Keating, People's Playground: A History of the Albert Park, Chandos Publishing, Burwood, 1996, p. 21.[2]S. Valentine & Sons Publishing Company Limited, 1900-1963, ‘Boat Racing on Albert Park Lake’ [postcard], Melbourne, 1900.

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