May Day Hills Hospital Tour

Beechworth, VIC, Australia
Est. 936m / 34 mins / Map

May Day Hills Hospital Tour - Cya On The Road

A short walking tour highlighting the tangible cultural heritage aspects of the Mayday Hills Hospital site. The cultural heritage aspects of the site are significantly neglected and without immediate action will continue to be neglected, resulting in irreversible losses. The biggest barriers to conservation of the Mayday Hills Hospital are the scale of the property, and the sizable cost to conserve its heritage to exacting standards. Development on the site threatens to undermine and increase the loss of heritage. Heritage aspects of the Mayday Hills site are an asset not a hindrance to economic development.   References:Asylum Ghost Tours, ‘Asylum Ghost Tours’, Asylum Ghost Tours [website], 2017, < >, accessed 20 May 2018.Beechworth Treescape Group, ‘Beechworth Tree Walks: Mayday Hills’, Beechworth Treescape Group [website], < >, accessed 18 May 2018.Bunn, A., ‘Owner of Beechworth’s Mayday Hills being investigated by Heritage Victoria over illegal cutting down of trees’, The Border Mail, 1 Mar 2018, < >, accessed 18 May 2018.Coughlan, K., ‘For Sale: La Trobe Gives Up Beechworth Campus’, The Border Mail, 14 Feb 2011, < >, accessed 18 May 2018.Dean, S., ‘Don’t Give Up the Fight, George Told’, The Border Mail, 15 Jan 2015, < >, accessed 18 May 2018.Dow, A., ‘Sold: Mayday Hills. Buyers Want Ideas’, The Border Mail, 9 Mar 2013, < >, accessed 18 May 2018.Fletcher, S., ‘Inside the Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum’, Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Goulburn Murray, 15 July 2009, < >, accessed 18 May 2018.Heritage Council Victoria, ‘Mayday Hills Hospital’, Victorian Heritage Register [website], 2016, < >, accessed 5 May 2018.Heritage Council Victoria, ‘Mayday Hills, Permit Appeal Decision’, Heritage Council Victoria [website], 2015, < >, accessed 18 May 2018.La Trobe University, ‘Beechworth Lunatic Asylum Historic Dates’, La Trobe University, 2010.La Trobe University, Interpretive Media at Mayday Hills, May 2018.McNay, N., ‘Progress on Beechworth’s Mayday Hills development’, The Border Mail, 17 Mar 2015, < >, accessed 18 May 2018.McNay, N., ‘Mayday Hills. No Thanks Mr Mayor, I’d Rather Let It Rot’, The Border Mail, 5 Jan 2015, < >, accessed 18 May 2018.The George Kerford, ‘The George Kerford Hotel’, The George Kerford Hotel [website], < >, accessed 18 May 2018.Victoria State Government, ‘Beechworth Lunatic Asylum’, Finding Records [website], < >, accessed 18 May 2018. IMAGESOates, N., Courtyards (1) [Digital Photograph], 2018.Oates, N., Courtyards (2) [Digital Photograph], 2018.Oates, N., Future Development [Digital Photograph], 2018.Oates, N., Gardens [Digital Photograph], 2018.Oates, N., Ha-Ha Wall [Digital Photograph], 2018.Oates, N., Main Building [Digital Photograph], 2018.Oates, N., Northern Wing Exterior [Digital Photograph], 2018.Oates, N., Nurse’s Quarters [Digital Photograph], 2018.Oates, N., The Gatehouse [Digital Photograph], 2018.Oates, N., The Glades [Digital Photograph], 2018. 

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