Saving the Uiver Memorial DC-2

East Albury, NSW, Australia
Est. --- / 26 mins / Map

Saving the Uiver Memorial DC-2 - Cya On The Road

For nearly 20 years, the Uiver Memorial was a “plane on a pole” monument - a prominent landmark at Albury Airport. It represented one of aviation history’s favourite stories – how the KLM Uiver PH-AJU was dramatically rescued during the 1934 London to Melbourne Air Race. The Uiver Memorial DC-2 was not only a warbird with its own historic significance - as the sister aircraft to the original Douglas built Uiver that no longer existed, the new “Albury Uiver” became the symbolic connection between nations, a cultural monument of remembrance and respect, and an iconic tourist attraction.It would be natural to wonder - What happened to this iconic landmark and why was it demolished?In an ironic twist, 79 years after saving the original Uiver, the community again rallied in the 11th hour to save the “Uiver Memorial DC-2” and continue the legacy of the Uiver Story that was central to the social, cultural and spiritual identity of the community.

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