Introduction to Kangaroo Bay

Rosny Park, TAS, Australia; Hobart, TAS, Australia; Bellerive, TAS, Australia
Est. 1.3km / 38 mins / Map

Introduction to Kangaroo Bay - Cya On The Road

This short walking tour is an introduction to the history and heritage of Kangaroo Bay, named such by white settlers in the early 1800s due to the large population of kangaroos in the area. It begins at Rosny Farm and ends in Bellerive Village. I recommend exploring the Rosny Farm site during the gallery opening hours: 11am-5pm Wednesday to Sunday at time of publication.The walk is quite flat, approximately 1.2 kilometres long, on good footpaths and utilising a short section of the Clarence Foreshore Trail. As with any walk in Tasmania, check local weather reports and dress in appropriate layers and flat shoes. Remember it can be windy, and, if the sun is out, it is highly recommended you wear sunscreen, a hat, and a long sleeved shirt and bring a light, waterproof outer layer in case of sudden weather changes.There is a picnic spot with barbecue facilities, and several cafes and restaurants if you are in need of refreshment along the way. After the tour, you may decide to continue exploring, retrace your steps, or catch a local bus from Bellerive.

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