The Heritage Value of the Queen Victoria Market

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Est. 652m / 13 mins

The Heritage Value of the Queen Victoria Market - Cya On The Road

The Queen Victoria market is a much loved historic institution that has been with Melbourne since its formative years as a town. It has attracted a varied mixture of people to its doorsteps over the years, it has been home to a great variety of businesses and has thronged with the beauty of multiculturalism at its best. There are a great many stories to tell that would showcase the complexity of this market’s history, from games of politics to heartfelt stories of traders and their childhood memories growing up in the market. This podcast will guide you through the market and focus on a select few stories that illuminate the depth of importance that this site has to the people and history of Melbourne. It will also reveal redevelopment plans that are currently being deliberated and that could potentially affect some of the heritage assets of this iconic institution.

by Ella Rimington
Student at Deakin University

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