Ways Of Walking

Highgate, SA, Australia; Adelaide, SA, Australia; Fullarton, SA, Australia; Malvern, SA, Australia
Est. 4.8km / 2 hrs 1 min / Map

Ways Of Walking - Cya On The Road

Ways of Walking is a walking tour of everyday walks and unique experiences of local people in Malvern, Highgate, Fullarton and Myrtle Bank. Artist Cynthia Schwertsik gathered stories, memories and activities of local residents through community engagement at Highgate Primary School, Fullarton Park Community Centre and other Council facilities. Cynthia has re-told their stories on stobie pole signs ( which pay homage to our everyday regulatory street signage) and re-interpreted them  with videos, photos and images.  By downloading the QR Code app you can enjoy 20 mini-artworks and “reveal the pleasures encountered by residents every day and open a portal to share the joy both in the real space as well as in the virtual” (Cynthia Schwertsik). This project is a collaboration between The City of Unley, artist Cynthia Schwertsik and the vibrant communities of  Malvern, Highgate, Fullarton and Myrtle Bank. Ways of Walking is part of six Arts in Your Space project commissioned by the City of Unley in 2018. Ways of Walking is part of an ongoing series of walking trails are available by using this IZI.travel app. Please check out Discover Historic Goodwood, Discover Historic Unley, Goodwood Road Streetscape artworks and during SALA Festival, SALA in Unley. For more information about Arts in Your Space and other City of Unley’s cultural activities visit unley.sa.gov.au/arts. And, just a reminder to exit completely from the app when you are finished, otherwise it may drain your battery. This walking tour involves crossing several roads. Please take care.  Enjoy!

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