'From Eureka to the Finish Line' - A Tour around the Bathurst Region

Hill End, NSW, Australia; Stewarts Mount, NSW, Australia; Bathurst, NSW, Australia; West Bathurst, NSW, Australia; South Bathurst, NSW, Australia; Gormans Hill, NSW, Australia; Mount Panorama, NSW, Australia
Est. 61.8km / 1 hr 34 mins / Map

'From Eureka to the Finish Line' - A Tour around the Bathurst Region - Cya On The Road

The following tour consists of different heritage sites in the Bathurst region. While some of these sites range from rural to modern appearances, they offer an insight into the heritage significance of Bathurst and its surrounding areasBathurst is set of 200km from Sydney, where more than 41,600 people live with other areas such as Hill End and Abercrombie forming part of the Bathurst Region’s heritage. The tour’s goal is not only to reflect but also educate about Bathurst’s historical significance in Australian history.To begin, head from Sydney onto the Great Western highway where the road will easily lead you to the city of Bathurst.  If you feel adventurous the Bells Line of Road is also another great opportunity to see great flora and country locations with historical significance like Bilpin and Lithgow. From the Great Western Highway, you continue on past Lithgow, Kelso and eventually arrive at Bathurst.Narrated by Alec Herron, this tour is being used as an assessment for Deakin University under ‘Museums, Heritage and Society’. While this tour’s journey is long it depends on you, the listener, to travel to any area or attraction that suits your curiosity.   I acknowledge and recognize the Waridjuri tribe as the noble custodians whom the Bathurst Regional council presides on. 'Mount Panorama (Pit Straight)' image courtesy of Speedcafe.com (Accessed 2nd May, 2019)

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