King Edward Park - The lungs of Newcastle

The Hill, NSW, Australia; Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Est. 2.8km / 55 mins / Map

King Edward Park - The lungs of Newcastle - Cya On The Road

King Edward Park (then known as Upper Reserve) was granted to the people of Newcastle by the council in 1856 and further additions were added and extended in 1894. It has a distinctive geography of steep hills and deep gullies spanning across two headlands with a road winding in the shape of a horseshoe through the park. The park took the shape we know today thanks to the design efforts of Alfred Sharp who was awarded the contract to design the park by Newcastle Council in 1890. The park and its significant locations discussed along this tour have been through a tumultuous history of ownership and purposefulness; and encounter numerous cultures. King Edward Park is currently under consideration to be listed on the New South Wales Heritage Register.We will start at the northern part of the park which is separated from the rest of King Edward Park by Reserve Road, the walk here is relatively easier than the sharp and winding path further into the park. However take your mind off the walk by appreciating the panoramic views and coastline; treasure the history and knowledge the park possesses on the Awabakal people and their use and beliefs of the land; and the European convict, coal mining and military past of Newcastle. All these have helped shape the park to what it is today.

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