Harlaxton House

Harlaxton, QLD, Australia; Toowoomba, QLD, Australia
Est. --- / 12 mins / Map

Harlaxton House - Cya On The Road

Harlaxton House, which is situated in the city of Toowoomba, south east Queensland, is a grand old house with a rich history to match. Built some time during the late 1870's, Harlaxton House showcases beautiful early Queensland architecture and has seen its fair share of prominent historical figures from Queensland's, and Australia's, past. However, Harlaxton House is not only known for its outstanding architecture and important role in Queensland's history, it is now a site of curiosity and fear as tales of ghosts and hauntings are shared throughout the city.But, as conservation efforts are made by the current owner of the house, do such ghost stories do more harm than good? Is the House's rich and colourful past shadowed by local ghost stories and urban legends? As conservation efforts are made, there is real fear that the history, and the House itself, are being lost to time.  

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