Grampians Aboriginal Rock Art

Glenisla, VIC, Australia; Laharum, VIC, Australia; Black Range, VIC, Australia
Est. 89.0km / 1 day / Map

Grampians Aboriginal Rock Art - Cya On The Road

This tour is based around the Aboriginal rock art and the cultural importance within the Grampians. In 1984 the Grampians National Park announced the decision of protecting the important Aboriginal cultural heritage. This region contains the largest number of shelters and access point that have once been used but the Aboriginal Jardwadjali people. There are approximately two hundred recorded art sites within the Grampians National park, these sites have been dated back more than twenty thousand years and communicates some aspect of the important Aboriginal culture, during the time before the European settlement. The shelters and caves are located under rock overhangs providing sheltered areas that supply safety and strategically placed viewing points within the Grampians, that the Aboriginal people needed at the time. The rock sites are often open to the public and contain the residue of the stone tools and ancient campsites and most importantly the rock paintings that tell the stories of the lives lived long ago. The rock art holds a crucial point in remembering the Aboriginal culture, the paintings communicate the lives and stories that are important in remembering the history and heritage. The following five shelters within this area indicate the importance the rock painting has to the Aboriginal identity.

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