The historic village of Hillgrove, NSW.

Hillgrove (North), NSW, Australia
Est. 3.0km / 1 hr

The historic village of Hillgrove, NSW. - Cya On The Road

This audio-visual guide for the historic village of Hillgrove invites the participant to take a journey back in time to the late 19th and early 20th Century when Hillgrove was one of the largest goldmines in the Northern Tablelands and New South Wales. With a bustling main street and a prosperous economic, cultural and social life, Hillgrove thrived for just over fifty years until as with many other mining towns of the period, its population sharply declined and its buildings were demolished or relocated to nearby larger towns, including Armidale. The Hillgrove you see today is a ghost of its former self yet this audio-visual guide seeks to complement existing heritage signage around the village and aims to bring the Hillgrove of yesteryear to life again.

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