Montsalvat Art Gallery and Artist Community

Eltham, VIC, Australia; Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Est. 164m / 15 mins / Map

Montsalvat Art Gallery and Artist Community - Cya On The Road

Montsalvat Art Gallery and Artists’ Community is Australia’s oldest artist’s colony and is located in Eltham, half an hour North-East of Melbourne.  Set in the picturesque Yarra Plenty district, for thousands of years it was a fertile hunting ground for the Wurundjeri Willam clan; but was later developed as an artist commune by a group of artists, artisans and tradespeople led by artist and former architect, Justus Jörgensen.  In the years since Jörgensen’s death in 1975, Montsalvat has been opened to the public, and adapted to incorporate an art gallery and restaurant/café; literary, food and music festivals; and offer a full range of wedding and funerary services. 

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