Sonic Territories: Kandos

Kandos, NSW, Australia
Est. 1.4km / 33 mins / Map

Sonic Territories: Kandos - Cya On The Road

This has been designed as a mobile walking tour. Tap here on your phone screen to see the full description and how to enjoy the walking tour.Sonic Territories: Kandos is a site-specific sound tour, recorded on location over three days in Kandos in 2019, as well as using 'found' and manipulated sounds. Designed to be fictional but inspired by historical and contemporary events, the work is a series of multi-track sonic narratives of spaces and places of Kandos that have endured much change. The walking tour starts with the very reason Kandos exists, the now silent Cement Works (at the Museum site), and nearby Railway Station, down the main street and through to the local Scout Hall – taking in the multi-purpose sites of Kandos Stores and Angus Memorial Hall (now reinvigorated as the home of the Cementa Festival).The tracks are industrial, colourful, soulful, set in a landscape of immense, ambient beauty vibrating and echoing from the escarpment to the rolling hills, shadowing each day's setting western sun.*This exhibition is part of the Andrew Frost curated "Here and Not Here", for Cementa 2019. Thanks to the community of Kandos NSW for supporting the Festival and therefore the creation of this work, as well as to Andrew and Colleen Tito of the Kandos Fairways Motel for helping with my research and care during my field recording visits, Kandos Museum, and information gleaned from the blog, Kandos History.ARTIST: Kim V. Goldsmith explores her territories of rural and regional Australia, their patterns and changes in space, sound, movement, and the accompanying narratives as they ebb and flow on the seasons. Drawing on the issues impacting inland, contemporary Australia, Kim produces soundscapes, videos, installation works and VR offering alternate perspectives. She finds digital media not only a highly creative medium to use to do this, but an accessible one for her audiences. Kim’s experience proves regional Australia is a rich environment to create interesting, engaging and universal artworks, informed by the environment in which they’re developed – environments currently under enormous stress, socially and environmentally.HOW TO USE THIS APPNote: The soundscapes are ideally listened to through earbuds or headphones.Autoplay optionIf you hit CONTINUE, you can use the map to guide you to each site of the tour. You can visit the sites in any order. As you come close to where the pin on the map is, the audio should automatically play.Preview optionAgain, you'll see a map if you hit the PREVIEW option. If you swipe left, you can manually play each soundscape and see the photos and read the description for each site no matter where you are - standing beside the site or on the other side of the world. Or you can hit the hamburger icon on the top left of the map and see each site listed.Photos: To see the photos for each site, tap the photo and then swipe left to see them all as the soundscapes play. To go back to the first photo and audio player, just swipe down on your screen.Description of each site: To read the brief description of each site in the AUTOPLAY/CONTINUE mode, look for the 3 dot icon in the top right of your screen. Tap the Read Description option.To read the brief description of each site in the PREVIEW mode, look for the 3 dot icon on the bottom left of your screen. Tap the Read Description option.Write a review: If you liked the tour or had a favourite soundscape, write a review for other users of the app.Thank you!

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