Bee To Tree - A Guided Short Walk from Beechworth Honey

Beechworth, VIC, Australia
Est. 2.5km / 1 hr

Bee To Tree - A Guided Short Walk from Beechworth Honey - Cya On The Road

Follow the BeesVisit native trees and our picturesque surrounds as Beechworth Honey explains the role trees play in producing distinctive 100% Australian honey. Our walking map provides the locations of 8 trees, each with easily identifiable special bee markers. It's a chance to inhale the fresh country air, learn more about trees and pollination all while taking in the scenic views of beautiful Beechworth. From buckwheat to macadamia the Beechworth Honey range spans the full tasting wheel of 100% Australian honey flavours. Collected straight from the natural landscapes of Australia, our honey brings together the best of our country's flora - hive to jar.Audio: Join Jodie Goldsworthy, beekeeper and owner of Beechworth Honey, as she discusses the critical relationship between bee and flowering trees to maintain the health of Australian pollinator populations.

by Beechworth Honey
100% Australian Honey... Always!

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