Honouring the Avenue

Alfredton, VIC, Australia; Ballarat, VIC, Australia; Windermere, VIC, Australia; Burrumbeet, VIC, Australia; Weatherboard, VIC, Australia
Est. 21.6km / 7 hrs 12 mins / Map

Honouring the Avenue - Cya On The Road

Welcome to The Ballarat Avenue of Honour and Arch of Victory precinct, a World War I memorial which is situated at the end of Sturt street, West of Ballarat.  This tour will take you on a journey of the significant locations in the precinct.  As you visit each location you will be immersed in the narrative of what the area once represented, how our views of war have changed over time and  what the Avenue now represents to the community of Ballarat   Where in the past the Avenues purpose was to celebrate the memory of individual sacrifice and personal stories then fast forward to the present day where the area has become a symbol for Australian identity representing the beginnings of a young nation forged in war.

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