Highton and Fyansford - Significance and what it leaves out

Fyansford, VIC, Australia; Geelong, VIC, Australia; Highton, VIC, Australia
Est. 5.2km / 1 hr 34 mins / Map

Highton and Fyansford - Significance and what it leaves out - Cya On The Road

Welcome!  This podcast seeks to explore the significance of key sites in the Highton and Fyansford area and what is left out of the official heritage narrative. This podcast covers 4 sites recorded in the Victorian Heritage Database, the central repository of heritage sites in Victoria.  This includes a site listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, a historical archaeological site recorded the Victorian Heritage Inventory and sites protected by Heritage Overlay under the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme.  This podcast will draw on the on the statements of significance from the Victorian Heritage database to provide an overview of why these places have been recognised as having heritage significance worthy of protection.  However, a focus on the significance of sites as recorded in the official records does not always present the whole picture.  For each site we will identify some of the gaps in the official narrative with a view to provoke a more inclusive conversation about the heritage of our local area. LinkHeritage Council Victoria – Victorian Heritage Databasehttps://vhd.heritagecouncil.vic.gov.au

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