Point Grey Precinct

Lorne, VIC, Australia
Est. 495m / 10 mins / Map

Point Grey Precinct - Cya On The Road

“On the ocean side of the road he stands and gazes down towards the long pier reaching into the vast expanse of blue water below the hotel.”           - The Ocean Last Night, Gregory Day. ---------The Point Grey Precinct walking tour explores the history of the site and its connections to the identity of the local community. This site is at the heart of the Lorne story, a small, vibrant coastal town, home to a population reaching towards 1000. This joyful location nestled along the world-famous Great Ocean Road, is a sought-after holiday destination by thousands, who seek the carefully balanced adventure and rejuvenation the town offers. Whether hiking the stunning Otway Ranges, surfing, fishing or sunbathing along the brilliant coastline, diving into our culture on the plate, or partaking in the shopping and spa retreats, Lorne has more experiences than meets the eye, and weeks can be spent exploring the many delights it has to offer. But at some point, we must ask ourselves. Where have these experiences come from? And what is it that has shaped the identity of the charming town and its community in which we stand today?Script: Claire-Anne HalfordNarrators: Claire-Anne Halford and Dylan O'Brien Photograph by Claire-Anne Halford

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