Shepparton's Lost Heritage

Shepparton, VIC, Australia
Est. 3.6km / 1 hr 6 mins / Map

Shepparton's Lost Heritage - Cya On The Road

Welcome to this walking tour about Shepparton’s Lost Heritage. Today, you will make your way to three of Shepparton’s most notable heritage sites, all of which have been impacted as the city has grown and developed. The first site, the Shepparton Butter Factory, is one example of how heritage has been preserved, but at the same time, forgotten, its past having become a mystery to those in the present. The second site is that of Shepparton High School, established in Shepparton in 1909 but now, contentiously, being developed into Greater Shepparton Secondary College. The final, and it seems, the most missed, is the site of the Old Post Office, which has been home to a telecommunications building and the Justice Service Centre since the post office’s demolition in 1975. While two of these sites have been partially preserved to maintain a connection to their heritage, one has been swallowed up by the necessity to develop, despite the outcry to keep the building standing. As you move through this tour, you will see how Shepparton’s growth as a city has impacted the way that heritage has been understood and maintained in the present, and whether the city has held on to too little of its heritage in favour of progress.

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