Ayers House on North Terrace, Adelaide

Adelaide, SA, Australia
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Ayers House on North Terrace, Adelaide - Cya On The Road

Located at the eastern end of North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia, Ayers House has stood for over 160 years.The home of the Ayers family until 1897, the property has seen many tenants including the Austral Holdings Group, Returned Servicemen's League, Royal Adelaide Hospital Nurses, the National Trust of South Australia and the Ayers House Wedding and Events business.Owned by the South Australian Government, the house stands as a monument to the Victorian age on land much reduced from its original footing on Town Acre 30. This museum tells the story of the house, its transformation from very humble beginnings and the importance to South Australia of the man remembered in its name - Sir Henry Ayers. There is reflection on the various users of the property over the years culminating in the push from many prominent South Australians who lobbied the government to secure the site as a national museum. The National Trust of South Australia has played a pivotal role in this push for preservation and it is a testament to these groups and their desire to maintain the building that is remains today for the enjoyment of the public.

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