Ardlethan Driving Tour

Ardlethan, NSW, Australia; Kamarah, NSW, Australia; Barellan, NSW, Australia; Tallimba, NSW, Australia
Est. 70.5km / 1 hr 34 mins / Map

Ardlethan Driving Tour - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the Ardlethan Driving Tour.It is important that this tour is downloaded to a mobile telephone and not relied upon to be followed by simply listening to the tour in the default mode. Areas of this tour are beyond mobile telephone reception and the commentary will be inaccessible if the tour is not downloaded. (After selecting the Ardlethan Driving Tour on izi.TRAVEL, the “Download” option is on the main page of the tour.)Ardlethan has two famous connections: one is to the development of the Kelpie breed of dog by John Gleeson, and one is to the development of an anthrax vaccine by John Alexander Gunn. This driving tour will take you to locations that played a part in both stories.Additionally, we will visit the relics of South Yalgogrin, a bush community. There were many such communities throughout the district, where there was simply a community hall and a school—sometimes just one of the buildings. Sometimes the community hall was also the school. Other examples of these bush communities in the district are Sandy Creek, the Willows, Walleroobie and Dullah. In some instances, the school buildings have found their way to private properties, but this tour will take you to three sites where the same school building was used and we will see the remains of this building.The driving route is approximately 90 kilometres, taking about 1.5 hours, and includes driving on gravel roads of varying conditions. Before leaving the museum precinct, we suggest you reset your odometer as, on this tour, some references are made to the distance travelled from Ardlethan.

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