WOW Centre Garden Walk

Beemunnel, NSW, Australia; Ravenswood, NSW, Australia
Est. 232m / 20 mins

WOW Centre Garden Walk - Cya On The Road

Welcome to RiverSmart’s Window on the Wetlands Centre This tour of the WOW Centre Garden takes about 30 minutes to complete. Grab an instruction sheet from the Information Centre if you're unfamiliar with how izi.TRAVEL works. We'd like to acknowledge we are located on Wayilwan Country. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and future. RiverSmart is a not-for-profit organisation. Our vision is to “manage rivers for people, wildlife and sustainability”. We encourage our community to get involved in helping to restore and look after our rivers, wetlands, plants and animals. The WOW Centre has become RiverSmart’s headquarters. It’s a hub for all our activities – education, recreation, tourism and culture. Find out more about us on our website How to undertake this walk The plants in our garden are all natives—either from the Central West of NSW, or other hot, dry climates of Australia. This walk highlights some of those plants. Each of our gardens is numbered, starting at Garden 1 adjacent to the Information Centre. Not every numbered garden is included in this walk at the moment, but there are 8 stops, taking in 12 garden areas. If you'd like more information about any of the plants in the garden, please check our website. There are GPS trigger points at each stop in the walk (you can see them on the map when you hit the START/CONTINUE or PREVIEW buttons above). You can preload the walk on the app, by hitting the DOWNLOAD BUTTON at the bottom of the photo (the middle button). There are GPS trigger points at each stop in the walk (you can see them on the map when you hit the START/CONTINUE or PREVIEW buttons). If you hit the START button, when you get near the trigger points on the map you will hear a narrator tell you about what's in that garden or area of the garden, then prompting you to move to the next stop. Some gardens are grouped together at one stop. You can also SKIP AHEAD by tapping the numbered pins on the map. To bring up the play option for audio and the written description, tap on the bottom of your screen. To go back to the map, swipe down. PAUSE + VOLUME: You can pause the narration at any time by hitting the PAUSE button at the bottom of your screen. Adjust the volume to suit you. It is best listened to with headphones or earbuds, but you can also just use the speaker built into your phone if you don't have earbuds. READING INFORMATION PROVIDED: If you prefer to read the information about each garden, you can click on the three dots ··· at the bottom of your screen to pull up READ DESCRIPTION. PHOTOS: When you see a shadow line under the photos in the walk, it means there's more than one photo. Tap on the photo, then swipe left to see more photos. To go back, tap your phone and click DONE or swipe down. PLEASE NOTE: During the walk, stay on the formed pathways at all times. In the hotter summer months, you may encounter snakes and lizards in the garden. Please move away from them. We hope you enjoy your walk!

by RiverSmart Australia
Our vision is rivers are for people, wildlife and sustainability.

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