Royal Museum of Mariemont

Morlanwelz, WAL, Belgium
Est. --- / 5 hrs 56 mins

Royal Museum of Mariemont - Cya On The Road

Have yourself a break in the Estate of Mariemont, near La Louvière, a mere 25 km away from Mons, Nivelles or Charleroi! When entering the 45 hectare park (free entrance all year long) you will discover huge trees, some of them being hundred-year-old or exotic specimens, sculptures and statues by renowned and local sculptors and even a few sociable animals.Then, in the heart this park you will find the Royal Museum of Mariemont, a Museum of Art, History and mainly antiquities that will take you from ancient Greece to the Hainaut, through China and Gaul. This is how an Egyptian mummy can be found next to sculptures of Roman divinities, alongside a smiling statue of Buddha, antique gallo-roman jewels, the largest collection of porcelain from Tournai and a genuine Japanese tea house.Most artefacts exhibited in the permanent collections were gathered by Raoul Warocqué, a rich coal magnate from the 19th century, who was passionate about art, Antiquity, books, education and history, among others. In the beginning of the 20th century, he decided to bequeath his collections to the Belgian State, along with his castle and his park.Of course, the Museum being a Scientific Institution of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, many varied temporary exhibitions are organized by the different curators.Don’t hesitate to come and discover the Park, wonderful in all seasons and to be amazed by the diversity of the artefacts exhibited in the Museum. 

by Musée royal de Mariemont
Mariemont ? Un musée d'art et d'histoire au cœur d'un parc de 45 hectares. Là où nature et culture se rencontrent...

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