Colombia in 10 days

Bogota, D.C., Colombia; Medellin, Colombia; Guatapé, Colombia; Santa Marta, Colombia; Cartagena, Colombia; Soacha, Colombia
Est. 1,776.0km / 1 day / Map

Colombia in 10 days - Cya On The Road

Colombia is a beautiful Country with Indigenous, African and Spanish Roots, this mixture of cultures makes Colombia a very special place.It is a welcoming country that is open to receiving all tourists.Among the attractions that Colombia has are its beaches, many artistic and cultural heritage of the country and the variety of gastronomic offers, in addition to being one of the richest nations in cultural heritage in America and it is the country with a great biological diversity.Between January and March or between September and November these are the best months to travel to Colombia.In this travel guide we are going to show you options so that you can travel to Colombia for 10 days with the accompaniment of the TF Travel Agency Photo link 

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