Val-de-Scie, NOR, France
Est. 3.9km / 1 hr 27 mins

Auffay - Cya On The Road

Once upon a time : "altafagus".Lord of Heugleville gave his few pieces of land, called Isnelville to his son Gilbert who, as he himself became a Lord decided to build  a fortress on a small hill with high beeches. This gave a name to the local area: Alta Fagus.During the XVII century, Auffay's population reached 2000 and tanneries started to be set up. on February 21. 1203 Auffay was created and officially became a village.Today, Auffay and its 2000 inhabitants are happy to welcome you and help you discover its secrets.  

by Office de Tourisme Terroir de Caux
L'Office de Tourisme Terroir de Caux, entre Dieppe et Rouen en Normandie vous accueille entre terre et mer à Auffay et Quiberville-sur-Mer !

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