Sarlat tour * LOVE PERIGORD

Sarlat-la-Canéda, NAQ, France; Domme, NAQ, France; Castels et Bézenac, NAQ, France; Le Buisson-de-Cadouin, NAQ, France
Est. 76.7km / 1 hr 54 mins

Sarlat tour * LOVE PERIGORD - Cya On The Road

Let us share the joy of senses and spirit that Black Perigord offers, this unique land that seems preserved from everything, whose rare heritage keeps the oldest traces of humanity of mankind, and goes back in time: the most significant traces of humanity of a tumultuous course of the centuries are miraculously offered to the humans up to this date...The people of Perigord, relying on the heritage of the French spirit, and on its innate sense of hospitality, knows how to make it live and share its beauty.This free guide is complemented by others, who will make you discover Périgord, since prehistory, the Middle Ages, its landscapes, its gastronomy, its tourist animations and its ecotourism...

Tourisme différent, bien-être, attention aux autres, à la culture, à la planète. Joignez-nous: publication dans LOVE PERIGORD ou autre !

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