Pontoise, IDF, France
Est. 5.0km / 1 hr 40 mins

Pontoise - Cya On The Road

If Pontoise was could speak to you, every cobblestone would have a story to whisper to you. Every street would give you an anecdote from Saint-Louis to Camille Pissarro. The cries of the boatman singing the religious chants of Notre Dame Pontoise and its history, I presented to you. Your discovery begins on the banks of the river Oise where everything began, for Pontoise, the capital of the French Vexin . Pontoise was for a long time the obligatory route between Paris and the north.Its serial planes and its fishing ports. Thus, the tourism office you have just left is the modern symbol of this ancient anchorage to river life. Then your steps will lead you towards the heart of the medieval town, where you will discover the multiple faces of Pontoise, cross-roads town and Market Town broil fortified town religious town today a modern town in full expansion. And from now on, certified as a town of art and history. This visit, produced by the Orfeo Company, was created by the Heritage Service of the town of Pontoise with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication within the framework of the certification as a town of art and history. 

by Ville de Pontoise
Ville située à 30km de Paris, Ville d'art et d'histoire

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