Pomport, balade historique

Pomport, NAQ, France
Est. 25.4km / 1 hr 30 mins

Pomport, balade historique - Cya On The Road

The town of Pomport has a very rich historical past due to its vineyard but also for its role played during the Hundred Years War. We invite you to discover it along the paths.All the information collected comes from consulting municipal and departmental archives, civil status registers, period newspapers as well as collective memory stories.The incident related to Malveyrein was taken from the book: "Rendez-vous with the widow in Périgueux", written by André-Pierre Chavatte. The account of the massacre at Costes is written from the book "The hot cendres of the War" by Christian Siron. René Costedoit traced the history of the temple of Olivoux.The English version was supervised by Jeanette Major de la Moulière.Good walk 

by Leroy Claude

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