The Grand Tour of Carnac

Carnac, BRE, France
Est. 14.2km / 4 hrs 43 mins / Map

The Grand Tour of Carnac - Cya On The Road

5 beaches, 3000 standing stones, 1 single Carnac...The town of Carnac is a morbihan seaside resort, located between the Quiberon Peninsula and the Morbihan Gulf, prized for its beaches of fine golden sand but mostly for its world-famous alignement of standing stones.The town of Carnac was once called Karnag, in the Breton language. "Karn" means a "pile of stones" and "Ag" means "place". Thus, Karnag literally means "the place of piles of stones" in Breton.The tour begins at Place Christian Bonnet, facing the Carnac Museum of Prehistory.This audio guide is offered by the Board of Tourism of Carnac.

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