LYON UNESCO : Memories of Lyon 2e (A)

Lyon, ARA, France
Est. 6.0km / 1 hr 59 mins

LYON UNESCO : Memories of Lyon 2e (A) - Cya On The Road

Tour of Lyon's 2nd arrondissement through its monuments and commemorative plaques: itinerary (A).Start of the tour: 5 Saint-Nizier square ; End of the tour: Gailleton square.Dear residents, dear visitors,We are delighted to present the first of two documented tours of the famous and illustrious people who lived in our beautiful central Presqu'île district, so rich in Lyon's history. Thanks to a joint effort by the 2nd arrondissement council and the remarkable inventory and research work of Michel Morandet, Jean-Marc Mourier and honorary public prosecutor Jean-Olivier Viout, as well as the conscientious work of Manon Got and Pierre-Edmond Desvignes on the izi.Travel, you will discover or rediscover on the commemorative plaques and monuments the names of these people who lived in the 2nd arrondissement, who contributed to the city's reputation through their work or who, for some, experienced tragic times. With 112 addresses to choose from, we invite you to take a stroll along the route, on your own, with friends, or even as a family, to discover Lyon and learn about the richness of our shared history.Enjoy your visit!Authors: Jean-Marc MOURIER, Michel MORANDET, Jean-Olivier VIOUT.Digital team: Manon GOT, Pierre-Edmond DESVIGNES.Acknowledgements: Pierre OLIVIER, Jean-Bernard NUIRY.

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