I-TAP-PD Dublin

Dublin, Ireland
Est. 4.7km / 1 hr 33 mins / Map

I-TAP-PD Dublin - Cya On The Road

Fáilte I-TAP-PD DublinWe welcome you to Ireland and invite you to join us on our walking tour of Dublin. On this journey with your partner and fellow participants you will see many of the historical sights and local stories of Dublin. You do not have to attend closely to every stop, but the ones that we especially would like you to see are marked with * An Asterisk*. You may also like to listen parts of the tour during your time with I-TAP, or to remember you time with us when back home. We hope this tour will give you a chance to chat, connect, reflect and enjoy Dublin creatively with your partner. As you leave the restful and green surroundings of IMMA and move through history, art and geography towards the city centre, think about the journey you are on during this time. Think about how the different environments interact with you, your body, mind and spirit. Enjoy the journey and the new perspectives a changing environment brings.

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