Antique markets in Sicily

Palermo, Sicily, Italy; Marsala, Sicily, Italy; Mazara del Vallo, Sicily, Italy; Caltanissetta, Sicily, Italy; Siracusa, Sicily, Italy; Catania, Sicily, Italy
Est. 412.3km / 8 hrs 31 mins / Map

Antique markets in Sicily - Cya On The Road

In the markets of Sicily, you talk, trade and live immersed in a world that seems almost a theater. Born with Arabs, suk are present in different cities and towns of the island and have preserved the Arab roots of the Sicilian culture. This is shown in the way of arranging the fruit, especially oranges, the dry fruits, but also the wide variety of exotic species. You can also see the spices, from the near East and olives, in their incredible variety and flavor of garlic, oregano and chili. Come with us, walking around the Sicilian markets!

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