Siena e le Vie dell'Acqua

Siena, Tuscany, Italy
Est. 1.7km / 38 mins

Siena e le Vie dell'Acqua - Cya On The Road

In the Middle Ages, the Sienese government gave particular attention to the administration and distribution of the water intended for the whole city.The lack of a vital element for any kind of life brought the Sienese engineers to create some waterways which would make great the city.   So they created  the “Bottini”, the Sienese aqueducts. These underground tunnels were called “boctinus” in the early 13th century, as they referred to the typical construction of the barrel vault. The Bottini permitted to keep water and bring it to the famous fountains and to the wells of important former palaces, alsousingpumps. The history of the water of Siena is told and illustrated in the ”Museum of the water” which is guarded and run by “La Diana” Association together with the Sienese Administration that allow people to enjoy it  through the promotion of sustainable tourism

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