Grape’s Road of Tenuta Carretta

Piobesi d'Alba, Piedmont, Italy; Guarene, Piedmont, Italy; Corneliano d'Alba, Piedmont, Italy
Est. 2.1km / 42 mins

Grape’s Road of Tenuta Carretta - Cya On The Road

Immersed in the vineyard hillsides of the Roero, the “Grape’s Road” of Tenuta Carretta is a vine-trekking route ideal for outdoors enthusiasts. An entirely dirt trail under the sun, the route is 2.1 km long (1.3 mi) and can be easily finished in about an hour and 45 minutes.The Grape’s Road begins at Campolungo at the eastern corner of the owner villa called “Trecamini”, and loops around the winery following the natural amphitheater of the vineyards, winding in and out of a labyrinth of vineyards. The route generally does not have any particularly difficult spots: the uphills aren’t too steep, and the entire trail is fit for just about all levels of walkers. The hike passes by diverse vineyard landscapes, from sandy and calcareous to more compact and clayey soils.Bric Paradiso, Podio, and Bric Quercia (going from east to west) are the main placenames that would interest a wine-loving hiker. One particularly interesting stop is at the center of the route, Bric Quercia, with its fantastic panorama and a sweeping view of more than 180° of the entire vineyard property of Tenuta Carretta.The vineyard trail has an average height of 260 meters above sea level, and allows walkers to see the grape varieties up close, namely arneis, nebbiolo and barbera.At Podio (the ancient Podium Serrae) you can look closely the vines that grow Tenuta Carretta’s Langhe DOC Nebbiolo. At Bric Quercia, barbera grapes are grown for Barbera d’Alba Superiore DOC, and at Bric Paradiso, nebbiolo is grown for the Roero DOCG Riserva.So, what are you waiting for? Happy vine trails!

by Tenuta Carretta
Tra le cantine del Roero e delle Langhe, Tenuta Carretta è una delle più prestigiose e, con oltre 70 ettari di vigneto, una delle più estese

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