Short history of the Castle of Caprese

Caprese Michelangelo, Tuscany, Italy
Est. 266m / 26 mins

Short history of the Castle of Caprese - Cya On The Road

The first definite written evidence mentioning Caprese dates back to 1082.  Tradition has it that its origins go back further to the period of the wars between the Lombards and Byzantines; the Lombards left a significant mark on the area as a document of 1070 mentions 'Longobardi de Caprise'. In 1324, after a long siege, the Castle was conquered by the Tarlati family from Arezzo. In 1384 the  area of Caprese came under the control of Florence, and the Podesteria was established. The following centuries saw the decline of the Castle, until in 1860, the discovery of Michelangelo Buonarroti’s birth certificate initiated a series of restorations. Nowadays the Castle is made up of the “corte alta” (upper courtyard), with the ruins of a tower and  a 14th century hall  incorporated into a more  recent building, and the  “corte bassa” (lower courtyard) with two, well preserved stone buildings, the  14th century Palazzo Clusini and Palazzo del Podestà (Governor’s House), birth place of Michelangelo.

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