MuDEV - Valdelsa Diffused Museum

Vinci, Tuscany, Italy; Cerreto Guidi, Tuscany, Italy; Fucecchio, Tuscany, Italy; Empoli, Tuscany, Italy; Capraia e Limite, Tuscany, Italy; Montelupo Fiorentino, Tuscany, Italy; Castelfiorentino, Tuscany, Italy; Montespertoli, Tuscany, Italy; Certaldo, Tuscany, Italy; Montaione, Tuscany, Italy; Gambassi Terme, Tuscany, Italy
Est. 90.1km / 2 hrs 30 mins

MuDEV - Valdelsa Diffused Museum - Cya On The Road

Travel with Leonardo through MuDEV: 21 museums in the heart of Tuscany, a territory, a heritage, and a community that are yours to discover!MuDEV is an immersive experience of a cultural heritage, a territory and the community that lives there. Your visit does not end inside the walls of the Museum but continues in an unimagined landscape, where you can lose yourself amidst the gentle Florentine hills and sit at a table sipping a fine wine, perhaps. We are inspired by the Via Francigena – which crosses most of this area – in proposing ‘walks’ that will turn you into a ‘pilgrim’ of culture.A big, unique open-air museum that invites you to enjoy a slow style of tourism; you are the one who decides how to face follow the ‘path’: on foot, by bicycle, by horse, but also by camper, by motorbike or with the windows of your car down.Preserve tangible and intangible assets. If the first ones fall within the more traditional parameters– priceless masterpieces, like the panels of Giotto and Cimabue or Filippo Lippi, the frescoes of Benozzo Gozzoli or Masolino da Panicale, the sculptures of the Della Robbia brothers or Bernardo Rossellino – the second ones can be seized only through experience. An example? If you observe the landscape in front of you from any hill around Vinci on a misty day, you will understand, without any need for history of art classes, Leonardo's technique of sfumato.Many traces of this cradle of the Renaissance remain – among medieval villages, Romanesque churches, historical mansions but also in material and food and wine culture – that it will never cease to surprise you. For this reason, we chose Leonardo as a guide to lead you through ‘his’ sites.And then we went further. We have drawn from another of the great artworks of Tuscany, the Divine Comedy by Dante, imagining to follow the footsteps of his plot to let you meet Leonardo – in the place of Virgil – and many other famous characters of our land: Giovanni Boccaccio, author of the Decameron, revolutionary painters such as Benozzo Gozzoli and Pontormo, the potter Lorenzo di Piero Sartori and the tenor Amedeo Bassi, Tommaso da Firenze who presumed to create a Jerusalem in Tuscany, and Becuccio Bicchieraio, a patron of the arts who is mentioned twice in the Lives by Vasari, and Indro Montanelli, an important Italian journalist of the twentieth century. Moreover, in addition, imaginary characters like the river Arno and a farmer from Padule, a nameless hero of the massacre of 1944, tell their stories.You can go through your ‘path’ by collecting the stamps of The Credential of the Pilgrim of Art, the only ticket that lets you visit 21 museums of the System for one year from the date of purchase. So now...let's go! Municipalities and Museums of the Museum System Empolese Valdelsa Diffused Museum:Municipality of Capraia e Limite: Rowing museumMunicipality of Castelfiorentino: Santa Verdiana Museum, BeGo Benozzo Gozzoli MuseumMunicipality of Cerreto Guidi: MuMeLoc Museum of Local MemoryMunicipality of Certaldo: Boccaccio's House, Praetorian Palace, Nail MuseumMunicipality of Empoli: Museum of the Collegiata, Pontormo's House, MUVE Glass MuseumMunicipality of Fucecchio: Civic and Diocesan Museum Municipality of Gambassi Terme: Permanent Exhibition Glass production in Gambassi (XIIIth–XVIth centuries)Municipality of Montaione: Jerusalem of San Vivaldo, Civic MuseumMunicipality of Montelupo Fiorentino: Museum of Ceramics, Museum of ArchaeologyMunicipality of Montespertoli: Sacred Art Museum, Amedeo Bassi Museum, Museum of Grapes and WineMunicipality of Vinci: Leonardo's Museum, Leonardo's Native House

by MuDEV - Museo Diffuso Empolese Valdelsa
Viaggia con Leonardo attraverso il MuDEV: 21 musei nel cuore della Toscana, un territorio, un patrimonio e una comunità tutti da scoprire!

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