A ride to Procida

Procida, Campania, Italy
Est. 6.0km / 2 hrs

A ride to Procida - Cya On The Road

You are about to immerse yourself in an island of beauty, characterized by ancient churches, a majestic abbey, characteristic villages of colorful fishermen, unique in their kind. Also Palazzo D 'Avalos built in the second half of the 1500s, the house of Graziella and the island on the island: Vivara, home to a Mediterranean maquis. Finally, the pleasure of enjoying the beaches, leaving you lulled by the charm of the sea. Concluding your journey, at certain times of the year, the island will be enriched by local events, which thanks to the participation of the whole community, will allow your stay to be an unrepeatable experience.

by garanzia giovani
Percorso delle chiese dell'isola di Procida

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